Copyright Infringement Policy

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DFN sends a copyright alert to customers when DFN has received a notice from a copyright
owner (or it’s authorized agent) stating that it believes you may have wrongly downloaded,
or made available for others to download, it’s copyrighted content.
If the company that owns the content observes activity indicating that it appears to have
been uploaded or downloaded improperly, the content owner can notify DFN of the IP
address and time of the infringement to DFN’s ARIN abuse contact (Handle ABUSE1671-
DFN will take the IP address and time of the claimed infringement and contact our
customer under our 6-Step policy listed below. DFN values our customer’s privacy and
will only release customer information under a lawful subpoena.
Step 1 & 2
DFN will notify our customer via email that their Internet account has allegedly
been used for copyright infringement and provide the details of the alleged infringement as
well as explain how to avoid future offences. DFN will send this email to the notices email
account as listed in the contact method of DFN’s customer record. If DFN does not have an
email listed, DFN will contact the customer via their telephone number as listed in DFN’s
customer record and attempt to obtain a notices email account.
Step 3 & 4
If DFN continues to receive copyright infringement complaints, DFN will call the
customer and notify them of the copyright infringement claim and explain the DFN 6-Step
Policy. DFN will also provide the details of the infringement along with instructions on
how to avoid future offences.
Step 5
Upon receipt of the 5th copyright infringement complaint, DFN will suspend the
customer’s agreement until the customer contacts DFN. Upon customer contact, DFN will
explain the DFN 6-Step Policy and inform the customer that their agreement will be
disconnected if DFN receives a 6th copyright infringement claim
Step 6
Upon receipt of the 6th copyright infringement complaint, DFN will disconnect the
customer’s agreement and mail a letter of disconnect stating the reason for disconnect per
the Terms of Service and/or Acceptable Use Policy.
*DFN will only recognize 1 copyright infringement complaint per 7 consecutive days as it
applies to this policy.

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