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CSR/LSR Requests:
• CSR/LSR requests need to be submitted via email to lsr@dfn.net.
• Requests submitted to any other email address or by any other method may incur significant delays in processing or may not be processed.
• All CSR/LSR requests should include an attached signed LOA.
• Only an LOA properly filled out and signed by an authorized user on the account including the originating connection address will be accepted.

Hours of operation and holidays:

• DFN business hours are Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm PST excluding holidays.
• After hours emergency assistance may be available at billable rates.

Porting Intervals:

• Simple Ports = 1 business day.
• Complex Ports = 3-5 business days.
• Submissions received after 2pm will be considered received the next business day.

Escalation Procedures and Contact:
• If you have a problem with your csr/lsr requests or have not received a response within 2 business days please follow the below escalation list:

1. Send an email to lsr@dfn.net requesting an update on your submission.
2. Contact the DFN Provisoning Escalation Line: 541-236-7083
3. Contact the DFN Support Line: 800-516-5251

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