Know Device Speeds

Known Devices and Expected speeds

Customers receiving Gigabit Internet service should be aware that while these services can be delivered over WiFi, these speeds can be faster than some of today's most advanced smartphones, laptops and tablets are capable of running.
To help Gigabit Internet service customers better understand what download speeds can be expected over WiFi, listed below are some know devices and the speeds these device can deliver.

Although download speeds up to 940 Mbps are possible with a hardwired connection, maximum WiFi speeds could be limited by your device's age and model. Other factors could include how many WiFi-connected devices are in use, website traffic and content provider server capacity.

DeviceLAN Port type
Samsung Chromebook 550GigE
Acer C7GigE
HP Pavilion10/100 Mbps
Samsung Chromebookno Ethernet NIC
Chromebook Pixelno Ethernet NIC
Samsung Series 5no Ethernet NIC
CR-48no Ethernet NIC
Acer AC700no Ethernet NIC

Laptop ComputersExpected Maximum Speed
MacBook Pro 2015Up to 435 Mbps
MacBook Pro 2016Up to 396 Mbps
Dell Latitude E7470Up to 310 Mbps
MacBook AirUp to 266 Mbps
MSI LaptopUp to 248 Mbps
HP Omen LaptopUp to 245 Mbps
Razer LaptopUp to 226 Mbps
Acer Aspire S 13Up to 200 Mbps
Microsoft Surface BookUp to 184 Mbps
ChromeBook PlusUp to 156 Mbps
Lenovo IdeaPadUp to 130 Mbps

Mobile DevicesExpected Maximum Speed
Google PixelUp to 268 Mbps
Samsung Galaxy S8Up to 266 Mbps
iPhone 7 PlusUp to 231 Mbps
iPhone 7Up to 211 Mbps
Nexus 6PUp to 211 Mbps
Nexus 6Up to 207 Mbps
Samsung Galaxy Note 5Up to 202 Mbps
Samsung S7 EdgeUp to 200 Mbps
iPhone 6SUp to 191 Mbps
Samsung Galaxy S5Up to 175 Mbps
Samsung Galaxy S6Up to 174 Mbps
Samsung Galaxy Note 3Up to 141 Mbps
iPhone 6Up to 120 Mbps
Samsung Galaxy S4Up to 113 Mbps
iPhone SEUp to 83 Mbps
Samsung Galaxy S3 MiniUp to 58 Mbps
Nexus 7Up to 42 Mbps
iPhone 5SUp to 41 Mbps

TabletsExpected Maximum Speed
Nexus 9 TabUp to 362 Mbps
iPad Mini 4Up to 238 Mbps
Surface Pro 3Up to 211 Mbps
Surface Pro 4Up to 205 Mbps
iPad Air 2Up to 199 Mbps
iPad ProUp to 199 Mbps
Galaxy Tab S2Up to 178 Mbps
MacBook Pro 2013Up to 127 Mbps
Kindle Fire HDXUp to 76 Mbps
iPad Mini 2Up to 73 Mbps
iPad AirUp to 64 Mbps
iPad 4Up to 51 Mbps
Zenpad S 8.0Up to 27 Mbps
iPad 2Up to 23 Mbps

Other DevicesExpected Maximum Speed
ASUS AC 88Up to 502 Mbps
Apple TV4Up to 257 Mbps
Netgear A6210Up to 192 Mbps
D-Link Wireless DWA-182Up to 174 Mbps
XBox One SUp to 112 Mbps
Linksys WUSB6100MUp to 111 Mbps
Netgear A6100Up to 107 Mbps
PS4 ProUp to 96 Mbps
Tplink TL-WN823NUp to 53 Mbps