Connecting to Wi-Fi with Mac OS X

To connect to the Wi-Fi using Mac OS X you must first know the wireless SSID and password for your router. If you have a DFN router you may look to our Managing you Wireless Router page for some assistance. If this is a Non-DFN router please refer to the owners manual or manufacturer for factory set SSID and password.

*NOTE* This guide is intended for Mac OS X only. for other versions of Mac please refer to Apple support

  1. Look to the top right of your screen near the clock for the wireless Icon

Mac Wireless Icon
  1. If Airport is switched off, select Turn Airport On
  2. You'll see a list of networks you can connect to. Select your router's Wireless name. In this case DFN

Mac Available Wireless Networks
  1. You'll be asked for the password. This is the Wireless key (or WPA-PSK key) shown on the bottom of your router. Enter the key and click OK. (For users on MAC OS X 10.4 or below you'll also need to choose a Wireless Security type - DFN Routers are normally set to WPA/WPA2 Personal).

Mac Wireless Passwords

You should now be connected to the router