Windows 7

Connecting to Wi-Fi with Windows 7

To connect to the Wi-Fi using Windows 7 you must first know the wireless SSID and password for your router. If you have a DFN router you may look to our Managing you Wireless Router page for some assistance. If this is a Non-DFN router please refer to the owners manual or manufacturer for factory set SSID and password.

Look to the bottom left of your desktop, you will see that start menu, with your mouse left click on that icon

Windows 7 Start Menu

Click the control panel link

Windows 7 Control Panel

On the control panel window select Network and Internet

Windows 7 Control Panel

In the center of the page select Connect to a Network

Windows 7 Network and Internet

Press Refresh and Select the Wi-Fi you would like to connect

Windows 7 Available Wi-Fi Networks

Make sure you have Connect automatically selected and click Connect

Windows 7 Wi-Fi connect automatically

Enter in the password for your wireless, you may select the Hide Character box if your unable to see what you typed and click Ok

Windows 7 password

If you typed an incorrect password, Windows 7 will request you to type it again and again until it matches the password of the network you are connecting to. If everything is OK, Windows 7 will connect to the network you selected using the given security key. When the connection is successful, the wireless icon from your taskbar changes as shown below.

Windows 7 Wi-Fi Connected

You may now return to your desktop, notice the wireless icon at the bottom of the page, which will now indicate your wireless signal strength. Ideally, you would want to have at least 3 bars showing if you do not please see the Troubleshooting Wireless Page