Adaptive WiFi™

Send stronger signals to rooms where WiFi usage is higher and get a temporary speed boost when downloading large files.

Parental controls

Allows for restricting access to certain online content and freezing WiFi access for select devices. Set access rules at the device level, even for designated dates and times.

Guest management

Now you have the ability to create guest networks and temporary passwords to regulate your home network. Whether it’s the babysitter or a weekend guest, you’ll have complete control over who connects to your WiFi Network and how they use it.

Online protection

AI Security™ Provides built-in device security against online attacks like malware and phishing. Advanced cybersecurity means you’ll have ad blocking and automatic quarantining of compromised devices.

Total control from the app

Our visually appealing and intuitive app allows you to enjoy the flexibility to monitor and control your home WiFi network whether you’re at home or on the go.