7 Careers You Can Do Remotely After Graduation

As graduation season continues, it’s time to consider the exciting career possibilities that await you right here at home. With the arrival of fiber internet, graduates are no longer confined to local job options. DFN’s fiber broadband network opens up a world of remote career opportunities, allowing you to stay connected to your community while pursuing your dreams.

Let’s explore seven remote career paths perfect for graduates.

1. Web Developer

Our first career path is among the most obvious remote jobs one can imagine—a web developer. Web developers (also known as website designers) create and develop websites for businesses and clients. This requires a unique blend of artistic skills to prepare aesthetically pleasing webpages, organizational know-how to plan an effective layout, and technical chops to ensure the website is responsive, fast, and bug-free.

Web designers can perform most of their duties with a well-featured computer or laptop and website design software. Of course, access to high-speed internet is a must, both to stay in touch with clients and to launch and fine-tune their web creations, making it an ideal career path for remote workers.

2. Mechanical Engineer

Next on our list is also one of the highest paid career paths both remotely and anywhere else: mechanical engineers. Though often requiring more than just a bachelor’s degree, mechanical engineers are highly in demand for their technical wizardry and mathematical acumen.

Like all engineers, mechanical engineers require specialized software and fairly elaborate computer systems. With the right hardware and software—and high-speed internet access—most mechanical engineers can perform their tasks remotely. Thus, for STEM-grads aiming for a remote career, mechanical engineering may be an ideal—and highly lucrative—fit!

3. Paralegal and Legal Assistant

Legal assistants like paralegals are increasingly in demand, as the need to handle complex litigation, contractual transactions, and other legal matters grows. Trained, experienced paralegals can make a good salary as well, and put their minds to problem solving intricate issues. And interestingly, many states do not require a four-year college degree or even any formal education to perform their work.

Like other research-intensive careers, paralegals are often well suited to remote work. Many paralegals work in states outside of where the law offices are located, too, adding additional flexibility for this career choice.

4. Nurse Practitioner

As experienced registered nurses (usually with an advanced degree like a Masters), nurse practitioners are in high demand across the country. Their high levels of training and knowledge bridge gaps in the healthcare industry and bring medical interventions to patients far faster.

More and more nurse practitioners are working remotely, as well, especially as telehealth has exploded over the past several years (thanks to broadband improvement around the country). Demand is so high that many nurse practitioners can easily make six figure salaries!

5. Digital and Content Marketer

Our next recommendation is for the English majors out there: digital and content marketing jobs. Of course, many kinds of majors can work in digital and content marketing, which obviously requires solid writing and communication skills, knowledge of search engine optimization, and general artistic creativity to develop compelling online content.

With some technical prowess (particularly with website design and a bit of coding) digital and content marketers use their talents to make a comfortable living. And as long as there’s internet access, these jobs can be easily performed remotely. 

6. Graphic Designer

Similar to the digital marketing and web development positions discussed above, graphic design is another field that is ideal for remote workers. Especially suited to the more artistically attuned, graphic designers create all manner of aesthetic works, from logos and product labels to imagery for websites and social media.

Depending on the kind of specialization a would-be graphics designer has, graphic designers require computer hardware that can handle some of the heftier software and applications needed to pull off their creations. And as some designs consist of large file sizes, a strong internet connection, like fiber’s, is a must for any remote graphic designer.

7. Psychologist and/or Mental Health Counselor

Our last remote work recommendation is for those with a vocation to one of the “helping professions,” particularly psychologists and other mental health counselors. A four-year bachelor’s degree is the minimum for even basic entry into this field, with the most dedicated acquiring at least a Master’s Degree or even a PhD or PsyD. State licensing requirements, including exams and minimum number of supervised clinical internship hours also vary state by state, so be sure to check those out as well.

Increasingly, psychologists and counselors are helping their clients and groups online, making this profession more conducive to remote work through a reliable internet connection at home. Again, be sure to check out varying state requirements, including for remote counseling.

These seven career paths open doors to fulfilling lives college grads can achieve from home. Of course, there are hundreds of jobs that can be performed remotely, and these seven are but the tip of the iceberg!

Hopefully, our suggestions have piqued your curiosity about remote work opportunities and will invite you to dig more deeply during the career search. And for more ways DFN’s high-speed fiber internet can help you be more productive at home, check out our social pages!

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