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Billing Questions

This will be received by the email address you provided DFN when you set up your account. Example of email notification:

Dear Valued Customer,

Your Douglas Fast Net bill is ready to view.
Your account balance as of the first business day of the month: $xx.xx.

Due Date: 15th of each month

Please SIGN IN and VIEW your bill for important notifications and billing details. — Click Here

If you have EFT(Autopay) set up, your payment will be processed later this month. If you do not have EFT set up, and would like to, please sign into your account or contact our office for assistance.

Ways to pay your bill:


By phone: (541) 673-4242 or (844) 673-4242

By mail or in person: Douglas Fast Net, 2350 NW Aviation Dr., Roseburg OR, 97470

Follow this link to My Account.

Once you are to our online portal SmartHub you will need to sign up if you are a new user or log in if you have previously set up and account. If you are on a personal device, you can also choose “remember me”.

Once you are logged in you will see the home screen where you can complete many tasks or view numerous items. From the quick links section on the left side of the page, you will see “Pay Your Bill.” You are also able to download the SmartHub Mobile App via either Goggle Play or App Store.

From Quick Links on the left of the Home screen Pay My Bill allows you to view billing History, Payment History and sign up for Auto Pay Program

From the main Pay My bill you can see the current account information

  • Due Date
  • Total Due
  • Make a Payment
    • Choose
      • Total Due
      • Other Amount
  • Green Pay Now Button
When making the payment with the chosen amount click pay now
Continue to Select Payment Date and Method
Complete the payment card details and Verify Cardholder Details and Continue to receive Payment Confirmation.
From Quick Links you can also view your billing history, both current and historical. Notice at the bottom you can scroll through multiple pages
From Quick Links you can also view your payment history. Notice at the bottom you can scroll through multiple pages.
From Quick Links you can also sign up for the Auto Pay Program. Click the hyper link under Actions. Choose Card or Bank Account.
Accept Auto Pay Terms & Conditions
Complete Card Set up. Continue and receive confirmation.

The first page of your statement is your Bill At A Glance. Showing previous balance, current balance and payments.

The Message Center in the right upper corner contains important messages from DFN.

The remaining pages on your statements show the billing detail of each line of service, Fiber Internet and Digital Voice.

You will receive your first statement the first business day of the month AFTER your installation is complete. It may be a larger amount than one-month billing, due to prorations based on when your services were installed in the previous month and the installation charge.

DFN Collects Franchise fees that are then dispersed to the city. This fee recovers the cost of operating in your city or municipality – including fees imposed for the rights to place telephone poles and wires along streets and other rights of way. Contact your local taxation office with questions about this fee.

911 Communications tax: This tax is assessed on behalf of the State of Oregon to pay for 911 emergency dispatch service.

988 Crisis Service Tax: This tax is assessed on behalf of the State of Oregon to support the vital 988 Crisis Hotline, offering immediate assistance during mental health emergencies.

Residential Service Protection Fund: Funds Oregon relay services, specialized communication devices to qualifying Oregonians with disabilities, and discounted monthly phone or high-speed internet service for qualifying low-income Oregonians.

Federal USF: Applied to both local and toll service, this charge recovers the amount your landline service provider contributes to the Federal Universal Service Fund and makes phone service affordable to all.

Oregon USF: Ensures high quality and affordable phone service is available to all Oregonians, especially those living in rural areas where the cost to provide telecommunications service may be higher.

Local Network Recovery Fee: To recover costs incurred related to network and equipment investment, including but not limited to equipment and service upgrades and various costs for supporting DFN’s plant and network.

411 Directory Assistance: 411 is charged per call

Property Tax Recovery Fee:  To recover a portion of the State imposed property taxes DFN must pay to provide telecommunication services to both business and residential customers throughout its service territory.