Static or Noise on the Line

Due to the nature of a Voice over IP telephone systems, noise on the line is almost always due to a wiring issue. Listed below are some of the most common causes and solutions;

Line Splitters

The most common cause of these wiring issues include a splitter in line between the VoIP ATA and your phone, to resolve this issue plug your phone directly into the back of your modem or ATA

Inside Wiring

Another common cause of noise or static on your phone is the wiring of your home. Wiring does degrade over time and are frequently targeted by wasps and rodents. To eliminate this issue plug your phone directly into the modem or ATA

Broken Dial Tone

We receive numerous calls reporting that customers are experiencing broken dial tone when they first pick up the receiver. While this does sound like a problem it is actually a feature of the the phone service. This is actually a signal from our voice server letting you know that you have a voicemail waiting. To access your voicemail *98. If you would like this feature removed from your voice service, please contact DFN support.