Where to Stream Football This Season (2023-24)

With the heat of summer waning and autumn’s crisper air approaching, it’s time for another much-awaited season of the year: football season! And with significant changes and moves among college football team conferences, and major newly-signed players joining the ranks of the NFL, the 2023 football season looks to be one of the most impressive in recent memory.

But in addition to the moving and shaking occurring in the sport itself, many football fans are perplexed—or even frustrated—by some other changes in the way they enjoy their game: the recent shake ups in broadcasting of live football games. Indeed, many fans are worried that they won’t be able to follow their favorite teams or catch the best games of the week.

Fortunately, with the advanced fiber network of DFN, you can find and stream college and NFL football games live—and with a sharp and pristine picture, too! Below we discuss where you can stream both college and NFL football this season. We’ll walk you through all you need to know so you can keep up with your favorite teams and enjoy all the action!

Streaming College Football

College football fans face no shortage of outstanding face-offs this season. While the traditional networks—ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC—air many marquee matchups, you’re going to need additional providers to get the most out of this year’s college football gameplay. And at first glance, finding channels for college football can seem downright byzantine!

Some networks have special deals with individual conferences and schools for many of the year’s prime showdowns, including Fox (Big Ten), CBS (SEC), and NBC (perennial broadcasting home to Notre Dame football). However, it’s ESPN and its affiliated channels that provide the most coverage of college football.

That means it’s critical to have access to ESPN2 and ESPNU as well as to ESPN (and the networks). For even more college games, you’ll also want to check out CBS Sports Network and FOX Sports 1 (FS1), as well. Beyond these options, don’t forget about channels devoted to specific college football conferences, including the Big Ten and SEC, which also have their own networks, as do the ACC and PAC-12.

But you don’t need a cable cord to enjoy it all, thanks to high-speed fiber internet from DFN! For cord cutters and streamers wishing to capture as many of these channels as possible, selecting a live streaming TV app is your best first step.

For starters, Hulu + Live TV is an outstanding option for a few reasons, including its deal with Disney and ESPN. You’ll get streaming access to all the college football games available on ESPN’s channels plus most live network channels too.

Many fans also rave about fuboTV, a streaming service originally tailor-made for sports that brings you a ton of college football every week. And Sling TV’s Orange + Blue package includes a suite of channels for many games, as well. You’ll want to make sure that the teams and conferences you care most about are covered by the streaming apps and channels in any of these three options, but for most fans, any of them will suit.

NFL Football Streaming Options

For pro football fans, there are also a wide range of ways to watch your preferred team—while also keeping an eye on rivals, too! Like with college football, networks like CBS and Fox cover AFC and NFC games on Sundays. However, viewers are subject to local market games (and potential blackouts, as well), severely curtailing their options.

Fortunately, streaming technology and high-speed internet like DFN’s fiber network have opened a whole new way to follow the entire season without the drag of cable subscriptions! Indeed, NFL fans have several options (and price points) that may suit their professional football preferences perfectly.

Let’s begin with the big kahuna in live football streaming today: NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube TV.  Though expensive, NFL diehards will find it indispensable, as you can watch just about any NFL game you want. And yes—that means you can follow your favorite team (and its arch-nemesis to boot) whether you are in that team’s broadcasting market or not! Or if your team is just not cutting it on any given Sunday, you can use NFL Sunday Ticket to easily flip to another game in progress. It’s a phenomenal way to keep track of the NFL this year.

Of course, not everyone needs the breadth of NFL football coverage that YouTube TV’s NFL Sunday Ticket provides. Even with Sunday Ticket, to enjoy every NFL game this year, you’ll still need access to other streaming football apps and channels, including Prime Video’s streaming-exclusive Thursday Night Football. And don’t forget that the NFL action on Sunday doesn’t end with the afternoon games. You can catch Sunday Night Football on NBC’s streaming app, Peacock, too, making your day of rest (and football!) complete.

Like with college football, you’ll want to have a live streaming TV app for even basic viewing. The previously lauded YouTube TV is one option, as are Fubo and Sling TV’s Orange + Blue package. And again, Hulu + Live TV and its ESPN connections is another superior choice, particularly with its easy access to Monday Night Football.

We hope our guide to streaming college and professional football will help you better navigate the sometimes-tangled web of options available today. And for more tips on making the most of DFN’s high-speed fiber network, follow our social pages!

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