Residential Internet Services

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Up to 1Gbps
Starting at $49.99/month
Our Fiber Internet provides the fastest internet speeds available in Douglas County, right to your house. Whether you use the internet to play games, watch movies, or even operate a home business, Fiber Internet is your best option.

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Up to 15Mbps
Starting at $39.99/month
Don’t have phone line? Don’t worry as our wireless internet uses a small radio receiver that doesn’t need a phone line. We have wireless towers all over the county that allow us to provide internet to places we can’t provide DSL or Fiber to the Home.

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Up to 40Mbps
Starting at $54.99/month
Digital Subscriber Line is a type of Internet that is transmitted across your existing telephone lines. DFN uses Fiber-to-the-Node technology to provide our customers with faster speeds than the phone company.

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