Wi-Fi in the Park

Douglas County Parks flips the switch on free, high-speed internet at County Parks

(Douglas County, Ore.)  The Douglas County Parks Department is excited to announce that Douglas County park guests will now have access to new or upgraded free, high-speed Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) at five of our park properties in Douglas County.  Windy Cove A County Park & Campground, Windy Cove B County Park & Campground, and Umpqua Dunes RV Park recently received comprehensive internet connectivity service upgrades that have dramatically increased Wi-Fi speeds for park guests.  Chief Milwaleta County Park & Campground and Whistler’s Bend County Park & Campground received new Wi-Fi systems where none formally existed.  This initiative enhances connectivity for campers, ensuring they stay connected with the world while enjoying the natural beauty and tranquility of our parks and campgrounds.

The number one concern expressed by our campers, RV enthusiasts, and outdoor adventure guests was to improve our Wi-Fi connectivity.  The Parks Department took this and many other concerns to heart and is on a mission to improve and offer unparalleled camping experiences in our parks.  It is well-known that nationally many RV parks and campgrounds only offer weak internet connectivity, if any Wi-Fi service to their guests.  The lack of connectivity often limits guest stays to just a few days, due to an inability to load even a basic web page.  This is especially true now that more and more people are working remotely, relying on their mobile device for maps or creating outdoor social media content.  More importantly, there is no cell service at Chief Milwaleta County Park & Campground or Whistler’s Bend County Park & Campground, so the provision of Wi-Fi to these parks provides a critical communication outlet in the event of an emergency.

I think everyone understands that in this day and age internet connectivity is no longer optional, whether it’s for work or education or play, you’ve got to have it and customers demand it!” stated Douglas County Parks Director Mark Wall.  “Being able to provide reliable internet access to our guests has been a top priority for the Parks Department, and we are excited that we are now able to offer this expanded amenity to our customers.

Windy Cove A County Park & Campground and Windy Cove B County Park & Campground, both located in Winchester Bay, received a new system, provided by the local company, Umpqua Broadband, that replaces an older shared bandwidth system.  The new system offers a 6-8x boost in speed with download speeds up to 25MB per device, so customers shouldn’t experience a noticeable drop in performance as the number of devices using the system increases.  Chief Milwaleta County Park and Campground located at Galesville Reservoir, 8 miles east of I-5 at Exit 88 and Whistler’s Bend County Park & Campground located 15 miles northeast of Roseburg near Glide, both received the same Wi-Fi system, bringing these parks into the connected world.

At Umpqua Dunes RV Park, the best Wi-Fi system currently available on the market was installed.  The premium system provided by Access Parks guarantees 50 MB download speeds per device and an unlimited number of devices can use the system with no interruption.  The system also includes 24/7 customer support, where campers can call Access Parks directly with any connectivity questions/issues.  The new system is 15-20x faster than what customers had become accustomed to at Umpqua Dunes RV Park (which by the way is a really big deal).  In addition to the upgraded Wi-Fi system, Douglas County Parks also added security cameras at Umpqua Dunes RV Park to increase customer safety and security.  For more information about Access Parks log onto their website at https://accessparks.com/.

All five Wi-Fi projects were made possible through a partnership with a local internet provider, Douglas Fast Net (DFN).  It was DFN’s willingness to work with Douglas County Parks and expand fiber optic technology to untapped areas that brought this project to fruition.  Nationally there is increased demand for connectivity.  With the rise of high-definition video streaming, remote workforces, travel bloggers, and online gaming, there is an increased demand for faster and more reliable internet connections, especially for those on-the-go. Fiber optic cables can transmit data much faster than traditional copper cables, making them an excellent choice for meeting the growing demand for higher bandwidth.  While fiber optic networks have traditionally been concentrated in urban areas, there is an increasing push to bring high-speed internet access to rural and remote locations.

DFN is pleased to partner with Douglas County Parks help to bring connectivity to their guests.  Our goal is to cover Douglas County with broadband and continue to work with community partners to grow our network and invest in new fiber optic infrastructure,” commented Todd Way, CEO, Douglas Fast Net.    

Key features for Douglas County Parks Wi-Fi upgrades include:

  • Extended Coverage: The new Wi-Fi systems cover the entire campground, providing seamless connectivity in all camping areas.
  • Reliable High-Speed Internet: Campers can now enjoy faster and more reliable internet access, allowing for improved streaming, video calls, and other online activities.
  • User-Friendly Login: Accessing the Wi-Fi is now easier than ever, with a simple and secure login process designed to provide a hassle-free experience.
  • 24/7 Technical Support at Umpqua Dunes RV Park: Access Parks is available around the clock to assist campers with any connectivity issues, ensuring a worry-free camping experience.
  • Upgraded Infrastructure: We invested in state-of-the-art networking infrastructure to ensure the reliability and stability of the Wi-Fi systems.

Park guests can now share their outdoor adventures in real-time, stay connected with work or school commitments, and enjoy the convenience of online access while immersing themselves in the natural beauty that Douglas County has to offer.  For more information about Douglas County Parks and camping opportunities all-around Douglas County, please contact us at (541) 957-7001 or log onto our website at https://douglascountyor.gov/802/Parks.


Media Contact: Tamara Howell, Douglas County Emergency Communications & Community Engagement Specialist (PIO)

(541) 670-2804 cell – (541) 957-4896 office – tamara.howell@douglascountyor.gov

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